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Here you will find information about medical cannabis, the New York State
Medical Marijuana program, and what we at MCC can offer you.
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Can medical cannabis help me?
The short answer is yes, it can.The NYS MM program can get you access to medical cannabis for problems like
We have seen over 3,000 patients in NYS and our results include...
Medical cannabis can be very effective, but you have to work with us to make it work for you!

So how do we do this together?
You can have your first appointment with us either  in our office in Liverpool NY or we can do this on your smartphone.
In order to schedule your first appointment we need you to
We then make sure that you qualify for the NYS MMP and that it would be safe to recommend medical cannabis for you. 
What sorts of conditions make it unsafe for us to recommend medical cannabis to you?
What are the costs for our services?
We will see you as a new patient, then at a 3 month followup. That's all for the first year. We then renew your certification at one year and see you every six months after that. The costs are:
Remember that this is all out of pocket: we take cash ( $20 bills or smaller), credit or debit cards. Due to Federal Government rules, insurance companies in NY State are not paying for our office visit or your medical cannabis. If you are a vet, ask us about our veterans discounts.
What do you get at your New patient visit?
We will see you, develop a plan for treating your problems with medical cannabis, and certify you for the NYS MM program.  You can usually download a temporary NYS MMP card right away.

With your NYS MMP card and our recommendation, you can go to a dispensary and get your medical cannabis that same day. 
What medical cannabis is available in NYS?
First off, there is no flower (bud, green) available in NY State. What is available are:
We recommend that our patients get their CBD from reliable sources, but not at NYS dispensaries due to cost.  Check out the DrRodzCBD for CBD products that we have vetted and approve.  DrRodzCBD can ship to all 50 states and sells to our patients and the general public.

We have developed strategies to get great outcomes for our patients:

The people who get these great results are the people who are doing the work that is needed. We will ask you to:

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