The least expensive medical cannabis in New York State

What is the least expensive medical cannabis now available in NewYork State? It is no secret that NYS medical cannabis dispensary pricing is hard to figure out.  This makes it hard for consumers to compare prices across different products from different dispensaries.  So some geek sat down with a spreadsheet and figured it all out. Here are the results of our latest calculations.

By mouth

The least expensive THC and CBD by mouth available in NYS currently appear to be

YMMV etc, but these are good products that lots of our patients love and for around $100 you can get started. So you can get 15 mg of THC and 60 mg of CBD by mouth for around $6.75 per day.

Consider vaping

Because vaping THC and CBD deliver much more medicine into your bloodstream, vaping THC and CBD turn out to be head and shoulders less expensive that taking either THC or CBD by mouth.  

Our current information gives Etain the lead in THC vapes for reliability, quality, and price. CBD vapes that our patients have used and liked  a lot come from Vape Brite and Pure Ratios, both out of California.   So here is the breakdown for these

Using vapes, you can get just as much THC and CBD into your bloodstream (where it matters) for around  $5.30 per day.  So you buy around 25% more THC and CBD in your bloodstream when you vape.

Spending a little more on a vape makes sense: you buy better liquid in the chamber (no additives that are a concern) and the hardware is way more reliable.

So for the same dollar spent,  you buy around 25% more THC and CBD in your bloodstream when you vape.   And if your body needs a lot of CBD, the savings go up even more. So think about vaping.