It's probably better not to use marijuana when you are pregnant or nursing a child

We were recently at a listening session for the NY state marijuana program. Lots of doctors expressed concerns about women using marijuana when they were pregnant or nursing, very reasonable concerns. Here are the ACOG guidelines for marijuana in pregnancy and lactation. Read them yourself.

A few highlights include

·       We just don't have enough information overall to decide about the safety of marijuana in women who are pregnant or nursing. Until we do, it is probably safer to abstain.

·       Marijuana use often happens together with lots of other things: smoking marijuana rather than vaping or using edibles, use of alcohol tobacco and other drugs, high risk lifestyle choices, lower socioeconomic status, etc. It is hard to separate the effect of marijuana on infants from the effects of all these other things.

That said, here is what ACOG says about various unhappy outcomes for infants of moms who used marijuana:

·       Risk of stillbirth: may be modestly increased, but confounded by tobacco smoking

·       Low birth weight (under 2500 grams): after adjusting, there seems to be a dose-related increase in low birth weight infants to women who use marijuana during pregnancy,hazard ratios seem to cluster around 2

·       Preterm birth:no apparent increase when adjusted for tobacco

·       Marijuana use during breasfeeding: there is not a lot of data available so prudence would dictate to abstain.

So there you have it. Read the ACOG guidelines and reference if you want to drill down.