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What is THC and CBD, anyway?
So I don't qualify for THC, but I want to learn more about CBD?

CBD is a great alternative if you don't qualify for a NYS Medical Marijuana Card. Click HERE for more information on CBD and how it can help you.

Where can I reach out if I can't find the answer to my question?

Please scroll down and inquire below, we will be prompt to reply!

As of 5.27.2020 what are our hours

Monday 9-4
Tuesday 9-1
Wednesday 8:30-4
Thrusday Closed
Friday 9-12

Does Med Cannabis Consultants evaluate patients for the purpose of determining whether a patient has a qualifying condition or not?

We do not evaluate patients to determine if they have a qualifying condition for their NYS Medical Marijuana Card. You do not need a referral from physician to see us, but you do need a progress note from your primary care provider or specialist documenting your diagnosis.

How does a patient get medical cannabis?

Please follow our "get started" page above to start the medical cannabis process with us!

First appointment Must-Knows

Please fill out all of the paper work before your first appointment. You will need to provide a NYS photo ID (drivers or non-drivers ID) and a treating doctor's progress note that documents your diagnosis. Don't worry we will go over this with you and help with getting the required documentation if needed!